3D Printing Services

Do you have an idea and want to see how it becomes a reality? Do you want to make a personalized gift?
Do you want to make a 3D logo? Do you want to build a house and want to see it first as 3D models?
Do you have a missing piece? We provide you 3D design and the last generation of equipment to achieve all of this.

We use the highest quality Ultimaker 3 Extended printer that can print quickly at an extremely good quality, has a wide range of materials: from PLA available in different colors to Polycarbonate.

With the help of this printer, we can print using 2 materials at the same time, this process makes possible the creation of 3D models in 2 different colors or making much more complex 3D models using a material that will dissolve in water.

With this material that cand dissolve in water, it can be made very very complex 3D models that can have mechanical applications.

We make to order, gifts, models, concepts, and other types of objects that can be customized according to requirements.

We offer 3D modeling services, so there is no need for you to come with the model.

The 3D models can be painted manually, for this process we use special colors and sprays made for this particular type of product.

Large models can be made, they will be printed in several parts and then they will be glued, grouted and painted,

We make silicone molds in which resin, chocolate, or different materials can be poured to make the models.

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