Special Events Services

Our team provides a wide range of special events invitations, testimonials, arrangements, and other materials needed for your special events. All of these can be customized. You want a certain type of invitation, testimony or other necessary material that is not on the list, you can tell us your idea and we can make it. We use new generation equipment for high-quality printing, and for cutting, we use special electronic equipment that cuts according to the received order with exceptional […]

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3D Printing Services

Do you have an idea and want to see how it becomes a reality? Do you want to make a personalized gift? Do you want to make a 3D logo? Do you want to build a house and want to see it first as 3D models? Do you have a missing piece? We provide you 3D design and the last generation of equipment to achieve all of this. We use the highest quality Ultimaker 3 Extended printer that can print […]

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3D Animations Services

For 3D animations, we use 3ds Max and can make animations for different models made by our team or for the already made models. We can adapt to a model that already has a predefined rig and we can make any type of animation. We create animations for objects, humans, cars, monsters, and more. We have extensive experience in making complex rigs (muscles, rig, IK, FK) and after, we do the perfect skinning process for that particular rigg. For rigging […]

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2D Graphics Services

Our team is specialized in 2D graphics for video Games (texturing, UI) logo making, concepts, traditional drawing, photo editing. For the video games Industries, we make UI and textures for different types of shaders, we adapt depending on game engines our clients use and we are using the last technologies. We make graphics for any type of products: business cards, stickers, logos, special events invitations, leaflets. For 2D graphic services we use software like Photoshop and Substance Painter

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3D Graphics Services

Our team is specialized in 3D graphics for the video games industry, 3D printing, and other industries. We work with different software to finalize the projects to the best quality, use software like 3ds Max, Blender, Zbrush, Substance Painter. With this software, we can make 3D models from stones, grass, trees, tools, weapons, houses, blocks, robots, cars to organic models (humans, animals, monsters) We make the entire pipeline for the models we need in video games (low poly 3D modeling, […]

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